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Unique Scarf Brand in your Store
If your are interested in selling our products on your online platform, in your boutique, concept, theme or gift store, we would be more than happy to hear from you! Write to us at info@scarfdesigners.com and tell us about your store. We support like-minded businesses, which represent our values, believes and creativity.
Currently, our products are being sold in 45 stores across the UK, the USA, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We offer great quality unique products, attractive profit margin and flexible business models.
Wholesale buyers can order our products through the online wholesale platform Faire (our products are also available on Ankorstore, Orderchamp, or Creoate, if this is your preference). 
Create an account on Faire to access our wholesale prices and place an order. 
We are looking forward to start working with you!