Fall in Love with our Sustainable Scarves!

Scarf Designers redefines the way you traditionally think about scarves. We abandoned boring squares and stripes, instead we created unique scarves with original and cheerful patterns that give you a happy and modern look.  
Scarf Designers scarves are for people who avoid the ordinary, want to look stylish, think with their heart but also who care about animals and nature. Sustainably is of vital importance to our brand. Therefore, at Scarf Designers, we pay particular attention to minimize our footprint on the environment.  
Our creative team of Scarf Designers consists of like-minded people passionate not only about design, fashion and style but also about travelling and photography, cheering the natural beauty of the world, and supporting fair animals treatment. These core values have been initiated by the founders of Scarf Designers who combined their creativity for design, sensitivity for art and affection for animals and nature to create a brand recognised by  distinguished style and moral principles. All these passions and values are reflected in our design ideas mainly inspired by animals, nature, art and vintage style.


Scarf Designers started the new adventure in December 2018 in Berlin...

In that year, the first collection "Warm & Cosy" was created and the online store was launched with great products like Black Forrest Scarf or Film Score Scarf that are best sellers until today. 

- 2019 -
This year brought two more collections "Light & Fresh" and "Good Vibes Pareos". It was also Scarf Designers' first appearance on Fashion Designers Markets in Berlin and our scarves were first sold in a foreign store - a stationery store in Vienna.

- 2020 -
This year started with our first international project with the biggest online fashion marketplace in Germany that presented our products at the International Conference of Fashion & Product Design in Milan, Italy. Our scarves were also certified VEGAN by PETA and we decided to donate 5% of each sold scarf to support their cause (SCR). Our "Simply Awesome" collection of bandanas was designed and released. 

- 2021 -
We sell our scarves in 17 stationary stores in 6 countries in Europe and the adventure continues.

- 2022 -
We expanded our direct presence in stationary stores across Europe and the USA. Now you can buy our scarves in 45 boutiques, gift and concept stores.