Sustainable and Transparent Production

We believe that transparency is a vital part of becoming more sustainable. Sharing knowledge about our production, how and where we make our scarves gives you more power as a customer. The more you know, the more informed decisions you can make. We want you to feel confident that the scarves you buy from us are made both responsibly and sustainably.

Scarf Designers partners with several suppliers and factories across European countries such as Germany, Poland, Romania to produce our scarves (including packaging, etiquettes, displays etc.). 

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Our scarves are manufactured using digital printing technology, which uses environmentally friendly water colours and no strong chemicals, causing less impact on the environment.
During the digital textile printing process the fabric is pretreated, it passes through the printer at high speed and subsequently be steamed, washed and dried. The digital textile printer uses a printable image (design) of a graphical data file printing the desired color onto the fabric with droplets of ink. The digital printing technology offers significant advantages for the environment:
High savings on energy and water to apply new colors, as opposite to traditional rotary screen printing using enormous amounts of water;
Less waste as droplets of ink are being printed very precisely onto the fabric. No disposal of excess dye and chemicals used in rotary screen printing, harming the environment;
No deposition of nickel of screens onto the fabric.